Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates Project Shoe 2020

Project Shoe continued in September for the 36th consecutive year, thanks to the resourcefulness and creative solutions of KRHE members and Skechers. Richard Sherman, who initiated Project Shoe over 35 years ago, coordinated with South Bay representatives from Volunteers of America, the Boys & Girls Club and the LA Airforce Base to give twenty-five 1st and 2nd graders from each group a gift certificate for school shoes and a back pack filled with supplies. An inspirational message from Kiwanis of RHE (in English and Spanish) was included with every certificate. Each recipient was encouraged to sign a contract to “pay the gift of their shoes forward” by doing something to help a family member or friend.

Thanks to donations to Kiwanis of RHE from local donors, members, and the generous support from Supervisor Janice Hahn’s office, the Kiwanis tradition of “helping one child at a time” has been preserved.

We remain socially distant, but Kiwanis connected!