2024 Scholarship Applications Open

The Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates is pleased of offer scholarships of $1,000 or more to deserving students from our local South Bay area who reside in cities or attend a school where there is no activet Kiwanis Program.  This is done to prevent duplication of awards for the same student. The scholarship monies are allocated by the Club based upon the proceeds from donations and fund-raising activities.

Applications are now available for the 2024 Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates Scholarships.
Deadline to submit is April 15, 2024. All details and requirements are included on the application form.

Download the 2024 KHRE Scholarship application here.

Children’s Christmas Party 2023

On December 9th, the spirit of Christmas came alive at a special Children’s Christmas Party at the Boys and Girls Club in Harbor City.  Fifty children from the Boys and Girls Club and the Volunteers of America participated in the program. The event was not just about festive decorations and Santa Claus, it was a heartwarming celebration that emphasized the joy of giving and the spirit of community.

Santa was none other than Steve Makshanoff, the president of Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates. Dressed in the iconic red suit, Santa Steve spread warmth and holiday cheer as he led the festivities, making the event even more special for the excited children.

Members and enthusiastic Key Club high school students joined forces to ensure the children had an unforgettable experience. Together, they created a festive atmosphere filled with laughter, joy, and the true spirit of Christmas.

The program kicked off with a creative session where the children crafted a personalized Christmas ornament, not just for themselves but also as a gift to give back in return for the anticipated visit from Santa. This thoughtful gesture set the tone for the day, emphasizing the joy of both giving and receiving.

After the creative session, the children gathered for a festive feast. The menu featured a delightful combination of pizza and fried chicken.

As the children finished their meals, the anticipation reached its peak with Santa’s arrival, complete with bells ringing and a hearty “Ho, ho, ho!” The children’s faces lit up with excitement as Santa distributed gifts, each carefully selected to bring a smile to every young face.

However, this was not just a typical gift-giving session. Joan Davidson, a Kiwanis member, took a moment to explain the significance of the gifts. She conveyed that these presents were not merely handouts but were earned by the children through acts of kindness. Santa Steve, in a heartwarming twist, asked each child what they planned to do in return for their gift. The message was clear: the joy of Christmas is magnified when it is shared and reciprocated.

The Children’s Christmas Party on December 9th was more than just a festive gathering; it was a celebration of generosity, community spirit, and the joy of giving. Through creative activities, shared meals, and thoughtful gift exchanges, the event succeeded in instilling valuable lessons about the true meaning of Christmas. As the children left with smiles on their faces and hearts filled with warmth, it was evident that this holiday celebration had created memories that would last a lifetime.

Project Shoe | September 9, 2023

Forty-Eight 1st and 2nd grade children gathered at Skechers in Gardena to receive school shoes and supplies.  The children were from The Boys and Girls Club of Harbor City and the Volunteers of America.  The Kiwanis of Rolling Hills Estates has teamed with Skechers for the last three years in support of the underserved children in our community.

Key Club members from Peninsula and Palos Verdes High School supported the program by helping the children select their shoes.  After selecting their shoes and a backpack, with the school supplies, the children gathered in the patio for snacks and dancing.

On a somber note a memorial plaque was presented to Karen, Fred Held’s wife, to recognize Fred’s support of the club and Project Shoe.  Fred recently passed away.

2023 Kiwanis Scholarship Luncheon

The 2023 Scholarship Luncheon was held at the Los Verdes Golf Course on June 11th.  Twenty four deserving graduating seniors were given each a $1,000 Scholarship Award.

The students came from six local high schools, Peninsula, Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Port of Los Angeles, Banning, California  Academy of Math and Science, and the Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy.  The students were selected for not only their scholastic record but for their community service and career objectives.  The Key note speaker was Susan Brooks, past mayor of Rancho Palos Verdes.

2023 Kiwanis Club of RHE Scholars

2023 Kiwanis Scholarship Program

The Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates is now accepting applications for the 2023 Scholarship Grants

Applications will be welcomed from students planning to go to a four-year college or university as well as those planning to attend a community college or vocational program. An applicant may be called upon to be interviewed as part of the selection process.

If you would like to donate to the Kiwanis Scholarship Fund click here for the Kiwanis of RHE General Donation Application.

Application for the 2023 Scholarships available here.

2022 Children’s Christmas Party

The annual children’s Christmas party was held on December 10th at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Harbor City.  Fifty children from the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, and from Volunteers of America participated in the event.

The children started off the party with coloring in pictures with crayons on a canvas. After completing the project the children had lunch of chicken and pizza.

After lunch the children gathered around and waited for Santa Claus to arrive.  The children welcomed Santa as he came in from the North Pole.  Each child was able to meet with Santa and receive a Christmas present.

After all the children received their presents they opened them as a group. On leaving they also received a project that they could complete at home.

What a great way to start the holiday season, making children happy.

Kiwanis of RHE 2022 Children’s Christmas Party