2013 Scholarship Awards

2013 recipients of Kiwanis of Rolling Hills Estates scholarships, posing with sponsor Jackie GlassTwenty-one scholarships were awarded by the Kiwanis Club of RHE on May 31, at an evening ceremony overlooking the ocean at the Los Verdes Golf Course. High school seniors from Palos Verdes and the surrounding community were selected for their academic achievement, service and what the club calls “heart.” Students may apply for merit or for both merit and financial need. In addition, prior KRHE scholarship recipients who are doing well and who have continued financial need may apply for continuing scholarships.  The continuing scholar “Hall of Fame” is impressive. Since the inception of the continuing scholar program 4 years ago, the Hall of Fame includes: a BS and MBA graduate from MIT; a BS and MS graduate from Stanford; and a BA/BS graduate from USC.  All three are young women who will carry their Kiwanis mentorship forward.  One continuing scholar, who is earning two degrees from Georgetown and Columbia Universities, was a child who attended Project Shoe when she was in the second grade!  How time flies!  Who knew she would be an international scholar?

The Kiwanis Club of RHE awards ceremony is special for many reasons. One of the most important features is the special recognition of parents, grandparents, guardians and significant others of the recipients. The “families” receive a folder with a letter of recognition for the family’s efforts, a copy of the student’s biography to share with friends and family, and an heirloom copy of the program.  It is an evening to remember!

All of the scholarships are made possible by those who donate to our scholarships and to our other club charities. The Palos Verdes Half-Marathon, 5-K and other events provide the majority of funds for the KRHE activities. During this time of fiscal insecurity and economic crisis, it is important to remember that clubs like Kiwanis give back far more to the community than they receive.   THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE SPONSORS!

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