News from Scholarship Recipient

Dr. Joyce Campbell received this from Danielle, a continuing scholar who was selected as 1 of 12 FIDM students this year for a very special international program.


We’re only 1 month into the program, so “family” might be a stretch, but we do see each other a lot and text in the group chats daily! There’s been a certain amount of passive aggression and a struggle for leadership, but we’re doing our best to all get along and work as a team.

So far, the only travel has been field trips in the LA/Hollywood area, and to Texas for a weekend. We will be in Europe in September, while the Denim program will be visiting Japan (I’m jealous). We will have a full schedule of meetings with designers, manufacturers, and contractors, attend Paris Fashion Week and possibly Herbalife Paris 2018 or go to their Paris headquarters. Then, We’ll be in China in January for Hong Kong fashion week, a trade show, and more meetings with suppliers.

That’s cool! I studied some of those practices when I took a color class last year. I’ll keep that in mind haha. I personally love the natural/garment dye look. We have thought about sustainability, but I think we’re going to focus more on innovative finishes, fabric constructions, and versatile design. I’m planning on designing men’s wear-to-work with professional and performance fabrics, inspired by Ministry of Supply and Lawrence Hunt, merchandised for Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors (or partner this year).

Hope all is well! Thanks for thinking of me!


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